The whole process, starting from the idea up to the finished item, is a long path that develops in Quarrata our expert artisans designers in Italy, Quarrata is a unique place for the production of upholstered furniture, since the traditions sink their roots in the late Nineteenth century. The residents of this small town, near Florence, almost for more than 120 years, are specialized in the production of sofas, armchairs and upholstered furniture accessories. Our main prototypists are real representatives of furniture dynasties!

The Frame is made only of solid wood: pine and birch plywood. All the wood is dried in the thermal chamber respecting the technologies, after which the wood is left in natural conditions, at least for 3 months. All frame corners have at least 2 types of fixing: glue and points for furniture or bolts. All points of the greatest load are strengthened by additional ribs of rigidity made of wood or metal.

The padding - we use the recognized ORSA Foam polyurethane, of different density combined with dacron acrylic material. In the seat cushions and back cushions foam is used in multi-ply, which would be the polyurethane sheets of various densities joined one above the other, using the Sandwich technology, in combination with elastic belts or pocketed spring blocks. 

Mechanisms and mattresses - all the mechanisms are tested and certified by CATAS.

For example, based on opening / closing resistance tests, the bed mechanisms are resistant for 10,000 cycles, as well as the average consumption period of 12-14 years

All our mattresses, filled with artificial latex, have orthopedic properties and a height of not less than 12 cm. Which allows the consumer to use them habitually for every day for a long time.

Equipment: all the machinery and tools are supplied by the best manufacturers: Rimoldi, Durkopp Adler, Juki, Bostitch.

The quality control system is performed by Italian experts and allows monitoring the quality of work and products at all stages of production starting from the purchase of raw materials.